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The ABCs of Marketing Books with Social Media

Celebrities with ten million social media followers can move the needle with every post. But it's a bit different for most of us, many authors included. Social media posts belong in the mix regarding how to market a book. They can be helpful and spark sales when done well. But over-relying on a single medium or assuming you'll automatically sell books after a few posts may be unrealistic. One of the most important factors is finding out what posts go well with your followers. It varies for each of us and has to do somewhat with your natural knack for being entertaining or informational.

You're trying to generate likes and shares to grow your audience and connect with more people online organically. Trial and error is likely the best method for determining your most effective posts. Once you do, you can begin adding more in that style. How often to post is a question that comes up frequently. Some people have a natural dialog with their followers and posts frequently. If you go that route, ensure they are two-way with posts and replies. Overposting things that aren't drawing replies can annoy followers and get you unfollowed. Posting several times a week is often optimal.

One of the many reasons to seek media coverage is to generate content for your online channels, social media included. Posting links to an article or interview that shows the media's interest in you and your book is nearly always welcomed by your followers. It's wise to connect the dots and have a media page on your website that links to the same articles – and cross-promote your website and social media channels. Some PR experts have defined it as your personal or author's platform, which matters. Ensuring people searching for you online can find needed information helps sell books. 

Unless you write about politics or controversial topics in your book, steering clear of them on social media is generally wise. If you take a position on a divisive issue, you can turn off some people and cost yourself book sales. It's not always easy finding universally interesting topics, but when you do, you'll have greater success in the long run. If you write about gardening or star gazing, there's no sense in taking on controversial topics that have little to do with you or your book. Even if they are things you feel strongly about personally, steer clear. The goal of your posts is to engage readers and sell books.


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